New Construction


Hire A Realtor® Who's Familiar With New Construction

Finding a Realtor® you trust and like is imperative when buying and selling a home, it is even more important to have a Realtor® represent you when building or purchasing a new construction home. The builder's representative has one person's interests in mind... the builder. A Realtor® that is knowledgeable in new construction can save you money, time and many headaches.


Get Pre Approved With A Lender

Getting pre approved before you start your home search is empowering and can save you from heartache. You will know exactly what you can afford. We have a list of wonderful Lender resources available to you.


Find A Place To Live

First things first, you need to know where you want to live. Do you want to be closer to work? Be in a specific school district? Is there a neighborhood you know you want to be in? City? Suburbs? or more rural? I't good to narrow down a location as it is something very important! Looking to build a custom home? We can help you find a lot!


What's Your Ideal Home?

Now comes the fun part! Designing your space and figuring out what kind of home will be perfect for you and your family. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? What style are you attracted to? What size home would be best? Whether you are building custom or with a large builder, we will help you find the best floor plan that fits your lifestyle.


Select Your Builder

One of the most important decisions you will make when building a home is deciding who you want to build your home. We have a wealth of knowledge of builders in our area and what they provide. We are here to help you make a great decision on who you want to partner with.


Building Starts

After you have put down your deposit or finalized financing, it is time for the magic to happen! Home building will begin. There will be times when it will all seem to happen quickly and other moments that seem to be moving at a snail's pace. Your FRESH agent will be watching every step to ensure nothing is being overlooked.


Make Selections

As Realtors® with interior design experience, Ashley and Nikki love assisting with creating beautiful homes for their clients.Some builders want you in the design center a week after signing a contract to make your selections. Custom home builders have more leniency. It's always best to pick your selections early on so there are no delays in the process of building your home.


Watch Your Dream Home Come To Life

It can be difficult to imagine what your home will look like when it is just concrete and lumber. Once the roof goes on and walls go up, it is a wonderful feeling! Day by day, watching all the beautiful details of your home come to life will make going through this process worth it!


Hire A Professional Inspector And Complete Your Walk Through

We always recommend our new construction clients to hire a third party inspection company to ensure your home is ready for closing and move in. Some inspectors offer building inspections in several phases throughout the building process. Most of our clients opt to hire an inspector at the end of the build, to inspect the home before closing. We will also do a walkthrough before closing, also known as the "blue tape walkthrough". During that walkthrough we will mark any cosmetic imperfections we would like the builder to fix.


Close & Move In!

Woo Hoo! You did it! You have endured months of excitement, stress and a million other emotions and it has paid off! You are the owner of your new home! This is the most part of what we do, and we are so happy to celebrate a new chapter for you and your family. We will also set up a complimentary one hour design session for your new home with one of our FRESH agents. Our gift to you!

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